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Month: August, 2014

Coven of the True Flesh – The Big One


Food and drink, he had few pleasvres left in life. One wovld have thovght,
Movth sewn vp
The end for him. Bvt he loved his axe no end.


Interlude II


Interlude I



Je me lance, vers la gloire
And half the seed of Europe, one by one.

Wounded World Eater- Istvaan III

DSCF5259 DSCF5261


As the surface world died
We were deep underground
Barely heard a sound

Brothers in Shackled Destiny – Tybalt XN20

Tybalt (XN20), once a noted innovator of the Adeptus Mechanicus, now he continues the work that found him ostracised by his Mechanicum colleagues and eventually attracted the ire of the Inquisition.

Tybalt’s already predominantly bionic lower body was severed when the Inquisitorial Prison Barge he was kept on crash landed. He built a series of mag-lev coils and anti-grav vertebrae to replace it.


He still wears the ragged rubicund robes of his old order.


Tybalt’s personality and outlook is completely at odds with his somewhat eerie and macabre appearance. He is forever willing to lend his skillsets and time to his brothers and he would even cherish the opportunity to work with his old, aloof colleagues who betrayed him to the Inquisition… if they would only accept the Primordial Truth and let in the knowledge that he has used to to such great effect in his craft.

By Josh S-D

Brothers in Shackled Destiny – Iago Gnurg

Iago Gnurg, once a hard working Departmento Munitorum official, now an apostate and a warrior-philosopher, a leader and corrupter of men.


They say he died for a day on Passchale Delta. And ever since Passchale Delta, the black tattoos on his head writhe like snakes, and his eyes turned white.


He bears a field generator of unknown design, no doubt a device constructed by his Shackled Brother, Tybalt.


Pictured after four hours of combat on Cleast IV.


Note broken chain motif on right pauldron, representing his own liberation from the Imperial Creed and the Brotherhood’s freedom from imprisonment and execution, whilst the surging, soldering bolts typify the supernatural bonds forged with his brothers, a sort of reforming of the metaphysical chain that holds the shackle.



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