Entropic Ascent

Month: September, 2014

Coven of the True Flesh – The Big One (Part II)

The Big One was part of a warband for a short lived =][=Munda campaign I was in last year. I posted a single, somewhat low resolution picture a few weeks ago but more, better quality pictures were requested.
I was quite surprised to hear people liked it as much as they did, for although it is one of my personal favourite miniatures in my collection, the conversion work is only simple but effective and the actual painting took a bit less than two hours.
Anyway, I give you, the Big One…





Calas Typhon – First Captain of the Death Guard Legion

The First Captain of the Death Guard Legion once pursued the role of Epistolary in the Legion’s Librarius, but with the Primarch Mortarion harbouring a deep-rooted distrust of those who wield the powers of the psyker, Typhon suppressed his gift and strove instead to serve as a war leader.


His strength, skill and demeanour led him to high rank indeed, culminating in his command of the potent and unique war ship Terminus Est and the deadly alchemical payload held within its arsenal.



In the aftermath of the Legion’s treachery, Typhon is revealed as the master of chemical death and the reaper of men, cutting down his foes with his deadly power scythe and with blasphemous chem munitions.



Brothers in Shackled Destiny – Deimos (Part II)

On Passchale Delta, Deimos’ torturous rebirth changed his body into an icon. 


The Astartes’ power armour is now almost entirely void of its former Chapter livery and ghostly faces creep across its expanse.


The unusual autocannon variant was used to trap the neverborn Faz’Bil’Beck within it in a horrific ritual conducted by Deimos and his fated brother Amenhotep. The possession forced the already devastating weapon into a new and even deadlier esoteric form.


Pictured after the first four hours of the invasion of Cleast IV.


Brothers in Shackled Destiny – Deimos (Part I)

Deimos, an Astartes once of the Celestial Sons Space Marine chapter, was touched by the Warp when the Strike Cruiser he was embarked upon became lost in a storm. When whatever malign force controlling the storm saw fit to free the ship, the Inquisition were at hand to investigate. They found and, when he resisted, captured Deimos, transferring him to an Inquisitorial Prison Barge where he would later meet and be supernaturally bonded with his Shackled Brothers.


Over several decades of suspension in cryo-stasis, inhuman dreams infected the warrior’s sleeping mind and when he and his brothers awoke to find the Strike Cruiser in terrible condition and still drifting in the Empyrean, the seeped in madness took him and compelled him to brawl his comrades. Several of the other Celestial Sons were affected by a similar psychosis and soon the ship was a blood bath of which Deimos was the only surviving Astartes.


He resorted to eating the gene-rich flesh and blood of his slain brothers to sustain his physical form, and perhaps his insanity. After several years alone, the storm spat him and his vessel back into realspace and it was as if the Warp had given birth to a new champion.