Brothers in Shackled Destiny – Deimos (Part I)

by JS-D

Deimos, an Astartes once of the Celestial Sons Space Marine chapter, was touched by the Warp when the Strike Cruiser he was embarked upon became lost in a storm. When whatever malign force controlling the storm saw fit to free the ship, the Inquisition were at hand to investigate. They found and, when he resisted, captured Deimos, transferring him to an Inquisitorial Prison Barge where he would later meet and be supernaturally bonded with his Shackled Brothers.


Over several decades of suspension in cryo-stasis, inhuman dreams infected the warrior’s sleeping mind and when he and his brothers awoke to find the Strike Cruiser in terrible condition and still drifting in the Empyrean, the seeped in madness took him and compelled him to brawl his comrades. Several of the other Celestial Sons were affected by a similar psychosis and soon the ship was a blood bath of which Deimos was the only surviving Astartes.


He resorted to eating the gene-rich flesh and blood of his slain brothers to sustain his physical form, and perhaps his insanity. After several years alone, the storm spat him and his vessel back into realspace and it was as if the Warp had given birth to a new champion.