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Month: April, 2015

Mortarion the Reaper, Primarch of the Death Guard


The shadowed and sinister Mortarion was Primarch and Commander of the Death Guard Legion. Raised upon a nightmare world of fell secrets and necromantic horror where humans were hunted like animals, the darkness that surrounded him seeped into his soul and would never leave him. Fiercely driven and relentless, the reaper-Primarch led his Legion to become wrathful liberators, spectres of death and judgment to whom no battlefield was insurmountable and no foe too terrible to face. With lies and half-truths did Horus sway Mortarion to his cause, and the price that he and his Legion would pay for their role in the Heresy would be nightmarish beyond imagining.


Pictured with some Raven Guard I recently finished and some of Matt Bell’s Iron Hands which will feature in a post soon.








Brother Abdul’Dolon or ‘Lon’ of the Rancid Angels

Lon is a character I am currently roleplaying in a Black Crusade RP, in which he and the other characters have found themselves in an unusual situation on a feudal world, hence his lack of power armour and practically all distinctly Space Marine equipment. I wanted to make a vaguely art scale Astartes without any of his standard weapons or trappings, being replaced by far more primitive attire. I also wanted him to be recognisable as Nurgle affiliated, but very subtly and keeping in line the the aesthetic I have been giving to the Rancid Angels recently; no overt putridity or slimy, bloated rolls of fat, focussing on a more realistic but extreme weathering, corrosion and instilling a general mien of entropy about the character. I also wanted to make the colour palette so cold to be almost ethereal, straddling this ground between hyper realism and  hyper atrophy. The modelling took quite a long time, but the painting only took a couple of hours.

The Rancid Angel Astartes known as Abdul’dolon or Lon was born on an unknown world in 758691 M41. At the age of five, the Adeptus Astartes Chapter the Angels of Purgatory took Lon from his family and began the long and painful process to become one of the Emperor’s Finest, which he did, although it is noted that this ascension was perhaps by dint of chance and perseverance rather than being the noble embodiment of the Imperium’s militant will. The Angels of Purgatory kept few records of this time, the previously stated fact regarding the mystery of Lon’s homeworld stands as a sound example of this. It is known that Lon’s surgery and psycho conditioning was completed but he never progressed beyond the ranks of the scout company. An assessment by the company chaplain on the subject of Neophyte Abdul’dolon when he was aged twenty years un-adjusted, reads; “resourceful and capable, respected by some, shunned by others, certainly a rogue. Close examination and supervision required.”


The chaplain was not blind to the aspects of Lon’s personality that made him quite unsuitable for service amongst the Adeptus Astartes, moreover a chapter so stringently conceited as the Angels of Purgatory. These incompatibilities came to a head when Lon was twenty two, when, during an operation in the Jericho Reach, he quietly deserted his brothers for good and with no remorse.

After several months exhibiting the “resourceful and capable” aspects of his skillset, living alone across several warzones in the Jericho Reach, Lon was found by a small coterie of Rancid Angels, the Brotherhood of Seydon’s Secret, who had a small presence in the warfront at the time. Upon meeting, Lon saw Space Marines that were nothing like the mentors and comrades he had half obeyed in the past. These Astartes had chosen their own destiny amongst the stars.

Lon saw no reason not to go with these renegades and the Rancid Angels duly and gratefully  accepted him into the lower ranks as they are often want to do. Here, Lon fought alongside cultists, troopers and other neophytes for several months before proving his dedication, prowess and reliability on several occasions and eventually he claimed and salvaged a full suit of power armour.


Lon was placed in the Brotherhood of Antithantrop and remained there for several years as one of fourteen warriors. The Champion of Nurgle who often led the Brotherhood of Antithantrop, Gogmagon, was once asked by the Apostle of the Entropic Malady, Ahmad, how an unusual case such as Lon was adapting to the warband. Gogmagon described him as “well liked”, “of balanced humours” and “unambitious apart from some minor, private goals I can only guess at.”

In 758732 M41. the bloodiest campaign the Rancid Angels had ever enacted began to move away from the Calixis Sector and moved fully into the Ultima Segmentum, where it would come to a devastating climax. Lon, like many of the Astartes in the Warhost, was eager for a place amongst the vanguard in some of the final battles of the greatest war his otherworldly liege-lord, Vexvile had ever commanded. He requested a transition from the Brotherhood of Antithantrop, though he enjoyed the company his fellow warriors offered here. Surprisingly, Lon was granted his wish and was placed in the much smaller unit, the Horror Truth Coterie, part of the Rancid Angels 4th Host, led by the controversial and dreaded Spawnherd.

It was against the old enemy, the Napthean Thunderstorms on the war-world of Quarv 7, where the viscous campaign ended and where Lon had the honour to fight on the same field as Prince Vexvile and gained some reputation for himself within the Warhost. Outside the walls of Ataô Civitas, where the Thunderstorms had dug in and awaited assault, the armoured transport the Horror Truth Coterie was embarked in took a direct ordnance hit a mere thirty metres from the Imperial lines. The vehicle was so violently destroyed that it wounded many of the Rancid Angels inside and they were forced to dismount in front of the gunline. As could be expected, the ensuing several hundred las bolts and several more ordnance hits saw all seven of the Coterie downed, though only six were killed outright. Badly burned and bleeding, Lon arose in the smoke, melta-carbine in one hand and bolt pistol in the other and remarkably was not broken enough to stop him defending the bodies of his brothers until the apothecaries could arrive. At a staggeringly high cost, the battle was won swiftly afterwards.

After his recovery, Lon found himself quite well known within the Warhost as a whole, a noted survivor within an army of survivors who prided themselves on their resilience.


A general mien for Abdul’dolon can be established by what little has been recorded of him. He appears friendly to almost all servants of dissention, chaos and decay and seems to bear no particular overwhelming grudge or hatred against any faction, creed or race although it should be noted that like all his Rancid Angel brethren, he would never ally directly with xenos or seek a redemptive path back to the Imperium. The previously mentioned champion known as Gogmagon was surprisingly perceptive in his appraisal of Lon, it is true that his open character is hard to dislike even for the more embittered legionaries of the Warhost. It is also largely true that Lon has little or no ambition to command or to rule, very happy to live a life based on his existential, even humanistic philosophies that he seemed to develop internally before he was united with the Rancid Angels. It is of little doubt that it was these beliefs that led his personality to resonate so comfortably with those amongst the Rancid Angels.

Birth-world and Gene Seed Speculation
Lon genuinely does not remember the name of his birth world, neither does he remember much at all about his life before induction into the Angels of Purgatory. Rather taciturnly, all Lon claims to remember is a temperate climate and an older sister with black hair. Some records from other Imperial sources are varied but suggest the Angels of Purgatory Chapter was operating near the Spinward Front or on the border between the Segmentum Obscurus and Segmentum Pacificus, maybe even close to the outskirts of the Segmentum Solar in the Galactic West. A World such as Kulth have been Lon’s home, though it is very unlikely the truth will ever be discovered.
The technology and ability to test Gene Seed provenance is extremely scarce within the Imperium and far rarer outside of its domain, so the likelihood of revealing Lon’s heritage is close to impossible. Imperial documents pertaining to the Angels of Purgatory do not make their origin clear and Lon does believes his former Chapter did not know the truth either. We can assume that the gene seed may be from a Second Founding or later tithe due to the Angels of Purgatory clearly being founded after M34 and the lack of fame or influence they held within the Imperium.
As for the origins of the Gene Seed, it is almost certainly from one of the Loyal Legions. Space Wolves and Salamanders can be removed from the discussion since Lon shows none of the extreme physical traits universal to these legions and his gene seed appears stable, though he is still comparatively young for an Astartes (Fifty One at time of writing). Since Lon’s Betcher’s Gland is fully functional, Rogal Dorn’s genetics are extremely unlikely. For his Gene Seed to have come from the Ist or XIIIth legion, due to the apparent stability, lack of mutation and the fully functioning zygotes, as well as the fact that both both are used regularly for the founding of new Chapters, especially the Ultramarines. Xth Legion provenance is a possibility as it is worth noting theories that claim the hatred of physical frailty and weakness may be a genetic flaw in the Iron Hands and though Lon does not appear to be overtly repulsed by weakness, certainly less so than most Astartes, he does value fortitude highly.