Entropic Ascent

Month: July, 2015

The Vengeance Host, Raven Guard Specialists


Formerly of the Mor Deythan, these Astartes fight with the Vengeance Host after the Drop Site Massacre.

DSCF6136 DSCF6137


Scrappers of War World Sargovo Part II

Whilst the Lord Inheritor has many indentured scrappers he has been known to hire the labour of some kind of reclaimer-for-hire when a job requires specific equipment or skill sets. These mercenaries are extremely eclectic in appearance and role and usually very resourceful. DSCF6116

To allow the ‘barrow wights and reclaimers to toil undisturbed, this cyborg has been hired to keep watch for approaching threats, may they be the survivors of war or competing gangs and tribes.

DSCF6117 This particular example appears to have been hired principally for his combat abilities and armaments which seem to be of a quality that rarely survives the wars that scour Sargovo. It is likely some of this tech and weaponry was given as payment by the Lord Inheritor.


This man’s extensive and high quality cybernetics suggest he may once have been affiliated with the Adeptus Mechanicus.




Scrappers of War World Sargovo

On the War World of Sargovo, a great many tribes, gangs and cultures scrape a life from the remains left by almighty battles that scar its surface. One such tribe, led by a rogue Mechanicus adept of the Lachrimallus order known as the Lord Inheritor, exist as bone pickers, harvesting the flesh and tech spared from total destruction.DSCF6100 DSCF6101 DSCF6106 DSCF6107

‘Barrow Wights are one of the many roles that the Lord Inheritor fills with the mutants, the survivors and the lost of this War World. This particular specimen looks like some sort of possibly unique abhuman strain, though the extremely pale skin and malnourished frame are likely due to living most of its life underground, not seeing the sun for most of its life as catastrophic battles scour the surface world. When the tides of war ebb, the Lord Inheritor begins his salvage operations and amongst the first to emerge from the underworld and behold the vast destruction under the sun are the ‘Barrow Wights.