Onus Telegarion, Founder of the Vengeance Host, formerly Demi-Praetor of the Death Guard 4th Grand Company

by JS-D


Thirty Years before the atrocities of Isstvan III, some fifty Death Guard Legionaries from all seven of Grand Companies who had been deemed too hot-headed and wayward were formed into a unit under tutelage of a handful of old veterans who embodied the stoic and taciturn aspects of the Legion, in a bid to reign the insubordinates back. Amongst the longest lived Astartes within the 14th Legion, a Terran born officer by the name of Onus Telegarion was selected to be the chief mentor of the unit and was granted the unusual title of Demi-Praetor. The unit was sent away from the main body of the Legion and over the years was all but forgotten, until Mortarion called his assets to Isstvan III in 005.M31.


Note the stencilled winged skull motif fully replacing Telegarion’s former Death Guard livery.

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