Of The Grim Future

Some quotes that relate to how I now view modelling and wargaming, from people I admire greatly:

“I perceive an emergent ‘golden age’ in miniature painting and a marked shift in the consideration of where to now take this hobby given the level of technical mastery that’s been achieved by certain painters – a mastery that has long been espoused as the ideal, and an ideal that needs critiquing. Alongside this, I also perceive that there are certain painters that innately understand the 40k setting, and that it is these people that are spear-heading this level of critique as they seek to remove the disconnect between the presentation of the setting and it’s representation in miniature form.” –Fulgrim, from his blog Tears of Isstvan.

“To me fantasy is much darker than American High Fantasy, certainly more violent, and more oppressive. But it’s also very real,” says John. “I didn’t see fantasy being occupied by shiny characters, it was all very Dickensian. Fantasy denizens to me all look like Fagin. Everybody has an eye-patch and a wooden leg, dirty fingernails, and worn clothes. And thereby lies the strength of it. It is evocative, there is so much background there, the universes are so strong.” –John Blanche.

“The most surreal modelling flow state where every idea was a very original mix of highly suitable concepts and themes. When ideas have been maturing in your head subconsciously for a long time, sometimes they rush out and it’s thrilling.” – Migsula of Legion of Plastic.

“I assembled and painted them as playing pieces in a science fiction miniature wargame. At least that’s how it started, though the project has taken on its own dimensions. I build and build. At times it seems both sculptural, and compulsive. At times it feels endless.” – slovak from his blog Guardsman-A-Day.